New Ranking of Collections of Cheese Labels

Dear Colleagues:

I am launching a new service: Ranking of collections of cheese labels. You are most welcome as a participant if you have such a collection). Please follow the instructions.

  1. The official language is English.
  2. Please use only 26 letters of English alphabet, digits, and punctuation, no country-specific letters with diacritical marks, please.
  3. The submissions will be accepted by email at .
    The template is here (please use an up to date version).
  4. The submissions will be accepted on continuous basis, and they can be updated. No more than one update per year, please.
  5. The submissions more than 3 years old will be removed without warning.
  6. In principle the submissions will be verified, but the submissions from the participants of “Sberatelstvi 2015” will be accepted automatically.
  7. Typical processing time of a submission is from 1 week to 1 month.
  8. A table containing the numbers of labels from particular countries in all collections will be updated on continuous basis.
  9. I do not take responsibility for the correctness of data.
  10. Please no collections under 1000 of various labels.
  11. Exceptions from the above principles are possible in special cases.
  12. The above principles are subject to change without warning.

Current results