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Surface charging and points of zero charge
Marek Kosmulski

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p. 160
in the last line of Table 3.163 in “precipitation agent” column add “seeds” after Al(OH)3
p. 225 in 3 rd row from bottom of the page: move “and” to a position just before “Mossbauer spectra”
p. 226
in Table 3.356, 3 rd row: move the superscript “b” in the last column to be just after “1290” and before the closing bracket
the titles of 2 nd columns in tables 3.635 and 3.636 should be “x in MnOx” where the x in the chemical formula is in subscript
p. 395
in Table 3.809 the subscript “a” should be in the last line, after “0.332 mmol Na/g” in description column
p. 548
the title of Table 3.1229 is “PZC/IEP...” (add initial "P")
p. 571
the title of section is “Georgia kaolinite”
the title of section is “Other”
in line 2 of section replace a centered dot after Y2O3 by a period.
p. 700
Table 3.1683 needs the following:
In two first rows shift “streaming potential” and “electrophoresis” from method to instrument column and insert “iep” in method column
Shift “NaOH+HCl” in electrolyte column one level down to match 2467 in reference column
p. 703
in footnote of Table 3.1691 replace access by assess
p. 710
in footnote of Table 3.1711 after “in” insert “viscosity in”
p. 716
In Table 3.1728 shift “0.01 M KNO3” in electrolyte column one level down to match 2499 in reference column
p. 765
In Table 3.1876 in the Instrument column replace “Ken” by "Kem"
In the following tables: 3.1927, p. 783; 3.1928, p. 784; 3.2085, p. 839
Shift the superscript “a” in reference column to be before rather than after the closing bracket
p. 785
in 1st row of Table 3.1930 in reference column insert “b” in superscript after “2618” and delete “a” in superscript after the closing bracket

In the following tables: 3.1971, p. 799; 3.1973, p. 800
Shift the superscript in reference column “b” to be before rather than after the closing bracket
in footnote of Table 3.2019 replace values by value (delete “s”)
in last row of Table 3.2052 replace 8.2 by 7.2 in pH0 column
the following reference is missing in Table 3.2111: Litton, G.M and Olson, T.M., Anomalous deposition rates of latex microspheres near the isoelectric point of granular quartz beds, Colloids Surf. A, 87, 39, 1994.
p. 861
move “water on” from 3rd line to the beginning of 4th line (just before “silver”)
capitalize “Stöber” in 6th line from bottom
p. 891
in line 4th from bottom close the bracket after 494, and open another before 1018
in ref. 1386, after the final period add: Erratum, Langmuir 7,1554, 1991.
in ref. 1543 replace cepacial by cepacia (delete “l”)
the right text for ref.2172 is under ref. 2173 and vice versa

The following references can be updated:
p. 988, ref. 1725: vol.30, p.589
p.1003, ref. 2046: vol. 345, p. 106
p.1056, ref. 3215: vol. 66, p.405